Non-Surgical Remedies for Trigger Finger

When faced with known medical conditions, it is usually easy to come up with a home remedy. However, when first faced with trigger finger, the first reaction may be panic. This is because many people don’t understand why a finger that has been bending and straightening easily, suddenly gets stuck temporarily. Fortunately, several non-surgical trigger finger treatments can be explored, of course, depending on how long it takes before the finger unfolds.

In the following article by Arush Patel in, non-surgical treatments of trigger finger are discussed. Knowing what to do once when you have trigger finger will help you reduce the inflammation in the tendons of your finger quickly.

Steps to Take When You Get Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition in which a finger or thumb becomes temporarily “stuck” in a bent position due to inflammation in the tendon sheaths. The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation in the tendon and sheath to allow unimpeded tendon movement.

Specific treatments for trigger finger are described below. The best course of treatment for patients depends on the severity of trigger finger and the number of fingers affected. Read more here

When you choose to do something about your trigger finger matters a lot. It is important to seek treatment when you first see signs of trigger finger. Some of the non-surgical therapies include the use of a splint for a few weeks, ice therapy, and the use of anti-inflammatory medication. If you don’t have diabetes or an inflammatory condition, may decide to use cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation of the tendon.

Unfortunately, if your condition is severe, the only option may be surgical treatment. This article by William Morrison discusses what you should expect from after a surgery to correct trigger finger.

Types of Surgery for Trigger Finger

Trigger finger can leave the finger or thumb stuck in a crooked position. It causes pain and stiffness and makes it hard to move the affected digit.

If other treatments are not successful or the condition is severe, surgery is usually successful in restoring full movement.

The recovery time for trigger finger surgery is quick, and the procedure has a high chance of success. Read more here

When your doctor confirms that the only solution to your trigger finger is surgery, you need to find out which surgery he finds most viable for .your condition. Open surgery involves an incision and the cutting of the tendon sheath. This will give the tendon space to move easily. Percutaneous release surgery involves the use of a needle to improve your finger’s flexibility. This surgery leaves no wound. If these surgical options do not yield the desired result, your doctor may recommend Tenosynovectomy. This surgical treatment is best for people with rheumatoid arthritis and involves the removal of part of the tendon sheath.

In the next article on, the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre specialists discuss some of the common questions patients ask.

Concerns Many Patients Have Regarding Trigger Finger

Trigger finger (also known as stenosing tenosynovitis) is a condition in which one experiences pain and swelling over the base of the thumb or finger. This is associated with a jerking, snapping or clicking when one extends the affected digit from a fully clenched position, much like how the trigger of a gun clicks when one pulls on it to fire, hence the name “trigger finger”.

This happens due to a disparity of the size of the flexor tendon with its surrounding retinacular sheath of the affected digit. This is most common at the A1 pulley region. It is caused by a swelling of the flexor tendon synovium, which can be felt as a nodule, and/or thickening of the retinacular pulley. Read more here


Questions many people with trigger finger ask is “why me? Did I do anything to contribute to this?” It is natural to imagine you are the exception, especially if you don’t see many people complaining about trigger finger. However, trigger finger is associated with age and existing medical condition. Trigger finger is as unique as any other medical condition. Understanding the possible cause and solutions will help you to manage it better.