Finding a hand surgery clinic in Singapore

The hand has both flexor and extensor tendons that are located just below the surface of the skin. When the hand is damaged, these tendons can be badly injured and may require a hand surgeon to help restore movement. If you are having trouble moving your fingers after a hand injury, you should only trust a highly-rated hand surgery clinic for your treatment. Operating on the hand is a complex and difficult task, so you should only trust a clinic that specializes in these types of highly-sensitive procedures.

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Damaged tendons have a narrow window in which they may be repaired to restore full movement, and it is critical that you seek prompt medical attention. The hand is a sensitive instrument, and there are several complicated structures that must work together for it to function properly. A top priority for hand specialists is preventing the patient’s hand from becoming stiff after surgery, an issue that is largely caused by swelling, irritation, and inactivity. Patients recover more successfully when stiffness is avoided rather than treating a stiffened hand, and you should follow the doctor?s directions to avoid this complication.

Experienced surgeons understand the importance of continual blood supply to the injured hand, and they will take this into consideration during surgery. Without an adequate flow of blood to the hand, the healing process will slow, there may be a buildup of scar tissue, and there is a higher risk of infection. Experienced surgeons will ensure that adequate blood flow to the hand occurs throughout the operation and post-operation recovery process.

If the nerves in the hand are damaged, the hand inevitably lose normal function. Nerve injuries should be operated on immediately to maintain an effective range of motion. To be successful, they will need to focus on two aspects:

The first is your gliding ability, and this is achieved by frequently moving the hand as soon as it is safe to flex the tendons over the surface of the joints.

The second is maintaining the appropriate length of the muscle tissue, and this is only achieved by placing the hand in a protective splint during periods of rest.

The surgeon will need to carefully consider your individual circumstances in order to give the best advice, and their experience and precision during the operation and post-operative care is the key to your recovery.

In more serious injuries to the hand, complications including cosmetic deformities can arise. A skilled surgeon can prevent major scars from developing and will take aesthetics into account as they operate. Also, an experienced surgeon will consider the patient?s potential to develop complex regional pain syndrome, and early treatment is the only way to limit the hand from developing chronic pain after surgery. Because hand surgery is such a delicate procedure, it is critical that you only turn to a surgery centre that you trust. Make sure to review the credentials and qualifications of the surgeons and the staff prior to scheduling your operation with them, and make sure to consult with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure to ask any questions you may have.

The best results from hand tendon surgery will require the doctor to diagnose the problems quickly and begin surgery without delay. Most hand doctors understand the importance of operating soon after a hand injury occurs, but only the most experienced surgeons will be able to identify serious medical complications swiftly and address them immediately.

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