Why is it that there are more illnesses today than before? Some thoughts

Why Is It That There Are More Illnesses Today Than Before? Some Thoughts

As the days go by, we hear of additional health-related woes taking center stage. For instance, tremors on the hand, which could be because of tiredness or weakness, may actually be a neurological problem. One may even consider this a metabolic condition or toxicity in the body resulting in hands feeling a tremor. Medication or lack of medication can also result in the illness.

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In the past, typists kept on with their job, took breaks when they needed to, dipped their hands in warm water, or used ice packs and got back to the job. Today, instead of the typewriter, the computer has made life a whole lot easier. In fact, practically everyone can type without looking at the keyboard! However, while a feather touch is a norm, it has also manifested into full-blown nerve-related disorders.

The use of the telephone in the days of yore by using the dialer and no repeat button was quite a nuisance to keep on repeating the chore. As the phone had digits to improve and make life simpler, redialling became easy. Then along came the mobile, which brought about a better solution and coverage. The only way to keep it going was to charge it, which was followed. However, there were ear related woes because of the volume and a host of other reasons.

The Smartphone and tablet world, along with the laptop and desktop is a wonder in technological advancement. However, while technology has evolved over time and has made life easier, along with it has come illnesses like reproductive problems, dry eye syndrome, hand-related illnesses, arthritis and a host of other woes. To beat the problem, many opt for surgery to correct the mess, but without hand therapy treatment one may end up with additional problems.

People need their phones more than they require companionship. Social media connectivity has made many an introvert and while this is not a physiological disorder, it can cause ripple effects as the years go by unless treated. We can put the blame or technology, but another, feather in the cap, is a life that is free from exercise. Lack of sunshine along with the elements results in serious imbalances to the body. With more and more men and women having hormonal imbalances, it is no wonder that science has to evolve with solutions to the problems manifested because of myriad reasons.

Illness has manifested today even more than before because of multiple reasons, obesity, overwork, bad eating habits, too much or too little exercise, limited or no rest, and so on and so forth. The solution to the problem is to do without, but no one would like to buy into this remedy.