Acute Complications to Watch Out for After Anal Surgery

Patients can face different kinds of complications during their postoperative period. Some common situations are given in the following part of the article. Read more about the anal surgery offered at Mark Wong Surgery here.

Postoperative hemorrhage

In this relation, minor bleeding is common to happen. It is expected that patients will continue to have normal bowel movements. The patient can experience bleeding due to disturbed movement of bowel and irritation.  It is also common to have bloody discharge during a bowel movement. Therefore, patients should know what activities to avoid such can reduce the chance of anxiety in the patient.

All these can have an impact in smooth bowel movement of the patient. Though major bleeding problem is not common patients may experience small blood clot during the first bowel movement after the surgery.

Common problems of infection

Infection problems are also common, and along with this, swelling is also common after anal surgery. Even one may suffer from problems of fever that can worsen the pain after some improvement during the postoperative period. As part of warning sign, delayed urination is a common sign. However, soon after experiencing the symptoms, the patient should visit a doctor before the complication become worse.

In this case, computerized tomography is a suitable option in case of deeper abscess or similar problems. If there is an infection problem after anal surgery, the surgeon should be careful enough to suggest suitable measures for infection control and treat the problem carefully. 

Problems of urinary retention

Urinary retention is a common problem among patients after anal surgery that should be treated carefully by the physicians. The problem of urinary retention occurs from multifunctional problems like irritation in pelvic nerves or pain. Therefore, it is known that the multifactorial type of urinary infection makes it difficult to endure after anal surgery.

Having pain during the post-operative period is common and when planning to find strategies to deal with it, it can aggravate other problems related to anal surgery.

Other than this, severe constipation is common to take place after anal surgery. The problem of functional constipation can also happen due to fear of bowel movement along with the related pain.

What are the reasons for anal surgery?

Hemorrhoids are a problem that causes the disruption of anchoring of the anal cushions. These are common in the right interior position and this is related to straining and difficulty in bowel habits. During defecation, it is known that the straining engorges the cushions and it gets displaced. Eventually, when the replacement continues to offer, it results in stretching of anal cushions resulting in problems like hemorrhoids.

Therefore, when suffering from anal problems, without any further delay, it is better that you consult the physician to get rid of the problem soon. Make sure that you get in touch with the right physician who is experienced enough to suggest you whether you need to undergo anal surgery or not. An experienced doctor can also help you during the post-operative period properly.